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As well as offering banner ads on our network of websites, we can leverage a wider social media network to really get students chatting about your brand.

Student Radio

Working with 15 student and youth-focused radio stations, we can get your brand heard by 830,000 listeners, with many exciting, interactive possibilities.

Student Newspapers

We can get your print ads into nine student newspapers, distributed on campuses with more than 250,000 students across South Africa.

Strategy & creative

Use our experience and let us help you with all your student-focused marketing, from the initial planning stage through to design, execution and reporting back.

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Why students?

Students are a big market, get them!
Let us get your brand buzzing with students

Students are the country's future leaders and today's new mass market.

We offer student-focused advertising across a range of media, including student newspapers, campus radio stations, websites and their social media platforms with the flexibility to target the areas you want.

  • Student Media partners

    Our network of 27 student radio stations, student newspapers and other youth and student media reach 1 million students

  • Social media leverage

    Pick your perfect target market. Using our own Student News Grid we can target social media posts to the students you want.

  • Years of experience

    We've been doing this for a long time, but not too long to have lost track of what makes students tick or lose our youthful attitude.

  • universities

    Our media network covers the country's top tertiary institutions and campuses


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