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Get your message direct to South Africa’s student community with one easy point of access.

We offer student-focused advertising across a range of media, including student newspapers, campus radio stations and online exposure through several websites and their various social media platforms. Altogether, our media portfolio offers you access to more than 600,000 students across South Africa with the flexibility to target the areas that you want.

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The leading agency in student newspaper marketing and advertising, Veldfire Media offers one point of contact for South Africa’s biggest and best student newspapers, radio stations and student websites. Having offered this effective platform to advertise to SA’s student community since 2005, Veldfire has built unrivalled experience and knowledge in this dynamic media space.

Whether big or small, speak to us first to chat about how we can help you customise an effective marketing solution for any budget.

Student media provides an ideal channel for communicating to students. Created by the students, for the students, each publication offers insight into the students themselves and the issues, stories and trends that affect them most. Speaking in the students’ own language, these newspapers, radio stations and websites are trusted and relevant to their readers.

Through our ever-growing network we can co-ordinate marketing campaigns across a range of other channels on and off university campuses.

Whether you are a budding on-campus entrepreneur getting started, the local late-night pie vendor or a multinational corporate recruiting the country’s very best graduates, if you want to get your message to students let us help you make the most of your budget.

Student Marketing Services

Let us help you reach students with these effective channels


As well as offering banner ads on our network of websites, we can leverage a wider social media network to really get students chatting about your brand.

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Student Radio

Working with 17 student radio stations, we can get your brand heard by more than 612,000 young listeners, with many exciting, interactive possibilities.

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Student Newspapers

We can get your print advert into 7 student newspapers, distributed freely on university campuses with almost 250,000 students across South Africa.

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Students are a big market, get them!

Students are the country’s future leaders and today’s new mass market.

We offer student-focused advertising across a range of media, including student newspapers, campus radio stations, websites and their social media platforms with the flexibility to target the areas you want.

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