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Activate was the former Rhodes University student newspaper in Makhanda / Grahamstown.

Replacement: Activate Media

Archive PDFs:

Activate was for many years the Rhodes University student newspaper, first enjoying its position as the sole student newspaper before Oppidan Press merged as an independent student newspaper for the community. It has not gone to print for many years, having shifted to an online format earlier than many other South African student newspapers.

The first rebranding was as Activate Online, with student news at the now defunct domain. It has since re-emerged as Activate Media, which offers for web banners and social media posts.

You can view old archive PDFs of the newspaper on Issuu at:

Following are the stats for the paper as it was dating back to its last edition in 2015:

  • Print Run: 2,000
  • Estimated readers: 5 000 (as per publication)
  • Approximate student numbers: 7 300 (2015)

Activate is the student newspaper for Rhodes University in Grahamstown.

Generally regarded as the best institution to study journalism, Rhodes is able to provide its paper with a strong editorial team, thus providing content of a high calibre and ensuring a committed readership.

The paper is distributed both on campus and in the town. Although primarily targeting Rhodes’ students, the diverse content also attracts readers from the staff and the greater Grahamstown community.

PLEASE NOTE: The above is retained only for archival purposes. Please refer to Activate Media or contact us for current student marketing opportunities for Rhodes University and the Eastern Cape.