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Stellenbosch University student newspaper die_matie_header_300px

  • Print Run: 5 000
  • Estimated readership: 10 000
  • Student numbers: 31,765 (2018)

Die Matie has kept the students of the Stellenbosch University informed about campus affairs since 1941. Comprised entirely of students, the editorial staff pride themselves as “the only independent student newspaper” as they handle the newspaper’s full production – from advertising, articles and photos through to final layout and distribution. Die Matie is published every second Wednesday during the academic year and is distributed on Stellenbosch University’s main campus as well as the two satellite campuses, Tygerberg and Bellville. Within 24 hours of publication a digital version is made available on the newspaper’s website.

Catering for both Afrikaans and English students, Die Matie is a bilingual publication.


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