Strategy and Creative

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We believe the best campaigns run across a range of formats, allowing each one to complement the other and play off their respective strengths. 

We are also able to mix below- and above-the-line marketing for your campaign. For example, we could run advertorials in the newspapers, a featured article on our own student news site together with campus radio live reads and interviews with social media posts, while at the same time gaining attention through traditional online, print and radio adverts.

Going beyond our standard student media offerings, our digital division Veldfire Digital can set you up with a new website and social media accounts, produce relevant content for your platforms and drive traffic on an ongoing basis through online advertising platforms.

Ultimately we’d love to do more than just place your ready-made and planned adverts and rather ‘get in on the ground floor’ and partner with you to both plan and execute your marketing strategy.

Please contact us on the form below so we can start chatting and begin a long-term and effective partnership.