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Scripted live reads on campus radio

Scripted live reads on student radio stations are a great way to speak directly to students across South Africa. Live reads connect directly with students, gaining trust as the are delivered by a voice of one of their own.

You can provide your own script, or we can assist with writing an attention-grabbing script for a modest fee.

Why use live reads on campus radio?

Scripted live reads on student radio stations are an effective way to reach students in South Africa. This is because of the trust that students have in their local campus radio presenter. Listening to a familiar voice helps build a connection with the listeners, which makes them more likely to tune in and absorb the message being broadcasted.

Additionally, scripted live reads on campus radio provide a platform for students to hear messages from brands and organizations that they may not have heard otherwise. Students can learn about new products, services, or events that are happening around them without having to actively seek out this information.

Overall, scripted live reads on campus radio are an effective way for brands and organisations to reach their target audience of students in South Africa.

Costs of live reads on campus radio

Repetition is key when it comes to radio advertising. Our standard rate cards have once-off rates for live reads and you can pick and choose times and days across all our campus radio stations.

The majority of stations offer advertisers added value on longer term campaigns and we can help you negotiate a  highly cost-effective campaign. Please contact us for a consultation and quotes.

Reach students on air

Advertisers can also make use of several other engaging on-air marketing formats. Our network of campus radio stations also offers recorded radio adverts, interviews, on-air competitions, social media posts and on-campus activations.

In addition to on-air marketing, we can help you reach students in other ways through our network of student newspapers and student websites

Get a Consultation & Quote

Take advantage of our many years of student marketing experience and let us put together a custom quote.

Below is the full list of student radio stations that offer live reads. If you would like to listen to some of these stations, then please head over to the StudentNews.Africa student radio player.