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Student Websites

The online student space changes so rapidly we’ve given up on keeping an up to date infographic for it. Social media keeps rising day by day and then the occasional hiccup with sites being hacked, computers being stolen, access codes being lost and vengeful former editors sabotaging sites – we’ve seen it all! But don’t worry, we keep close tabs on all our partners and can advise which will give the best value and which to avoid at any given time.

We work with and offer advertising on six student websites across South Africa (with a seventh due to be added soon). Four of these websites are the digital platforms for existing student newspapers, aimed at students at their own universities. The other two are online only publications and target students across all of South Africa.

As well as offering banner ads on these websites, we are also able to access the strong social media followings of the 16 student radio stations that we work with through interviews or competition giveaways.

Using our own Student News Grid, we are also able to offer promoted posts on Facebook to target specific demographics of your choice.

Please contact us to find out more and get the latest insights as to which websites are getting the bet traffic right now.