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Interviews on campus radio

Live interviews on campus radio are a great way to reach students, especially in South Africa. With more and more students tuning into their local campus radio station, live interviews provide an opportunity to engage with them directly and in real-time.

Interviews also slip beneath the usual advertising radar, with most listeners not even aware that they are being targetted by a paid marketing campaign.

Please contact us and let us arrange interviews for you on our network of radio stations.

Why use radio interviews to target students?

Live interviews allow for an interactive exchange between the interviewer and the student which can help to create a connection with the audience. This type of engagement is invaluable as it shows a deeper understanding of the student’s needs, wants and interests.

Live interviews on campus radio also allow for greater flexibility in terms of content creation since they can be tailored specifically to the target audience – making them more engaging and informative. Furthermore, it also helps to build brand awareness amongst students who may not have heard about your product or service before.

Overall, live interviews on campus radio are an incredibly powerful and effective way to reach students in South Africa as they create an intimate and personal connection between the host and the audience. 

Campus radio interview costs

We have a variety of options across our network of campus radio stations. Costs vary depending on the time of day and the length of the interview. Most interviews last 5 or 10 minutes, but some stations offer up to as much as half an hour or an hour.

Although not guaranteed across all stations, most stations will also post about the interview on social media. This provides another  valuable point of engagement that last well after the interview is over.

Get a Consultation & Quote

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Reach students on air

All of the student radio stations in our network also offer recorded radio adverts and scripted live reads, while many also offer on-air competitionssocial media posts and on-campus activations.

If you would like to listen to some of these stations, then please head over to the StudentNews.Africa student radio player

Please see below for the full list of campus stations that offer radio interviews.