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Vuvuzela newspaper

Vuvuzela at the University of the Witwatersrand

Print Run: SQ

Region: JohannesburgGauteng

Frequency: Limited run special editions

Vuvuzela is the University of the Witwatersrand’s (Wits) student newspaper and prints occasional special features. Vuvuzela is produced as part of the Wits Journalism Honours programme, ensuring that the content is of a high calibre.

Vuvuzela’s print edition used to be one of our flagship print titles, coming out weekly on campus to massive demand. In 2020, the editorial team at Wits Journalism decided to switch to an online format and reserved the print edition for special editions.

The weekly editions enjoyed a strong readership of about 25,000 of the university’s students.

For an indication of the number of students on campus, Wit’s total student enrolment figure for 2021 was 42,127.

You can view their commemorative centenary edition from September 2022 here.

This campus newspaper offers print adverts. The online version, Vuvuzela Online, also offers web banners and social media posts.

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